Technological partnership with an application development and e-commerce company


Does the rally driver change the oil himself during the race?

An interesting area where cooperation can bring mutual benefits is business and technological partnership.

After detailed analyzes and talks, we decided to establish cooperation on the basis of a technological and business partnership with one of the large companies dealing in the production of websites, online stores or SEO-SEM activities.

It is a company that prepares e-commerce solutions for the largest Polish brands.

The company has an analytical and graphic department and a team of programmers who are able to carefully prepare a modern e-commerce solution for the client based on market analyzes and UX research. This distinguishes large, professional companies from the huge mass of companies that produce websites or stores in an almost automatic way, based on templates and plugins, where the most important criterion is the low price. It’s easy to cheaply prepare “some nice shop” that your friends will positively evaluate.

But there is still a growing, fortunately, group of entrepreneurs who do not need a nice store – need an effective tool to implement long-term business plans .

A well-thought-out, easy-to-use solution that gives advanced marketing, customer service or integration with other systems, e.g. marketing-automation.

To meet this requirement, you need experience and analytical, research, graphic and programming skills.

Creating a good store takes a lot of time and testing the correctness of all functionalities even more. And there is no time anymore to deal with the IT environment in which graphic designers, researchers, UXers or programmers work.

This is where we come in with our knowledge and experience.

We prepare a complete working environment for everyone involved in projects – programmers, graphic designers, project managers and even our partner’s clients.

We can prepare everything for specific customer needs – need Redmine ? No problem, You communicate via Slack – we can offer a free alternative – Mattermost (api compatible with Slack ), advanced development environment with snapshots , backups, etc – no problem. Project management – Odoo or maybe Taiga – or something simpler, KanBanBoard ? Joint videoconferences for several – over a dozen people – no problem.

We will prepare a complete environment and hand it over to you. And we? We will make sure that everything works

And for our partner’s clients, we can offer complete IT facilities for the purposes of data processing in critical sectors of the economy. Our many years of practical knowledge enable us to offer advanced cluster solutions, high availability as well as practical monitoring and reacting in critical cases – effectively and without undue delay.

We also prepare the infrastructure to accept heavy loads through the advanced configuration of the web server where, for example: Nginx and Apach are supported by the Varnish and Redis or Memcached mechanisms, and the database servers are separate machines.

Tell us what your needs are and we will find a solution.

And to answer the question posed at the beginning:

no, he focuses on winning and has mechanics to change the oil. 😉