Cluster for a medical company (creation and migration from the existing solution)


A client came to us, a large medical company, who was looking for a fail-safe cluster solution using his own equipment.

The client has advanced IT knowledge and has an extensive IT infrastructure realizing business goals , however, with the development of business, he wanted to entrust this area to professionals in order to be able to fully focus on developing the business .

The client offers software that he leases to his clients on a SaaS basis. Additionally, it is a distributor of medical devices for patients. The devices collect medical data and the client offers a platform to distribute and manage this data. On other servers, the client stores the device update system – it is a separate server with an online device update mechanism.

The entire solution must be based on a safe and reliable IT infrastructure, therefore the customer’s priority is data security and operational reliability – resistant to damage to individual infrastructure elements. Such a solution that meets the requirements is a cluster designed and implemented by PUQ.

How did it look in practice

As we have experience in all the required areas, we proposed the following procedure to the client:

PUQ provides ongoing, technical support for the cluster.
  • 24/7 server monitoring
  • to provide a schedule for machine backups
  • help with virtual machines
  • telephone consultations