Migration of the e-commerce platform to a new server


A client who was dissatisfied with the current IT provider came to us. The client required a comprehensive approach to handling his e-commerce platform. He felt that the current supplier did not control the entire complex IT structure. Its platform is built on the Presta-Shop system and is a complex structure where:
  1. contains a large number of additional modules extending the platform’s capabilities,
  2. the platform is connected by API mechanisms to external reporting and warehouse-accounting systems that exchange data on an ongoing basis,
  3. the platform has a “multistore” configuration where there are several stores operating and all connected to 7 different domains,
  4. the client uses a separate blog linked to several domains which is used for ongoing communication with clients,
  5. all systems are multi-lingual.
The client came to us with some problems that he wanted to solve.
  • needed a fast and stable solution
  • help in servicing the server and the platform itself
  • help in organizing the entire IT infrastructure
  • optimization of domain and server maintenance costs
  • as a conflict-free migration process to a new server. For him, every hour of an inactive shop is a measurable loss.

How did it look in practice

As we have experience in all the required areas, we proposed the following procedure to the client:

As most of the operations were carried out in the background, the customer’s shop was still operational. We carried out all the operations in parallel. After the positive test results, we were finally able to synchronize the latest version of the database and redirect the domains to the new server. Practically, the store did not work for 40 minutes and it was the time needed mainly to import the current database to the database server. The customer was very pleased with the shorter-than-expected outage to stores. Subsequently, we also optimized the costs and convenience of servicing domains by 80% by transferring them from many suppliers to one customer account with us in the company. The client has already recommended us to the next person.