It is a service where, in a safe and easy way (without the need to install any application), you are able to conduct a meeting for several dozen or even several hundred people at a time.


Especially the inability to fully secure a video conference is the final argument for which companies, aware of the consequences of data leakage, look for a solution dedicated only to them.

In the era of Covid, it is a much needed solution that allows for efficient contact and cooperation. There are several solutions on the market that accomplish this task, but none of them can be fully branded , the client has no control over the data and is vulnerable for data leaks or correlations.

The PUQ company met such customers and prepared an ideal solution that meets all these expectations.

Videoconference rooms are a service where, in a safe and easy way (without the need to install any application), you are able to conduct a meeting for several, several dozen or even several hundred people at a time.

Videoconference Rooms is an alternative to ZOOM, Teams, etc. solutions, emphasizing the privacy of participants’ data.

System jest liniowo skalowalny, a ilość osób w jednym miejscu na konferencji ograniczona jest tylko serwerem i łączem internetowym.

The distinguishing features of the solution are:

  • Total security when it comes to data leaks. The system is constantly updated, secured with certificates, and has full encrypted transmission. Compared to Zoom or Microsoft Team – in no way we do not analyze users, we do not collect their personal data, there are no analyzes or indexing and data correlation with other services *(facebook, instagram, LN).
  • No application is needed to conduct or participate in meetings.
  • Possibility to completely brand the server with client logs, domain etc. – (requires individual arrangements).

Regarding our offer, we offer a mechanism for videoconferencing, that is:

  • the ability to manage multiple rooms
  • each room is like a different meeting room with different parameters (waiting for a moderator, it may have a password, name)
  • the moderator has the ability to determine who is the speaker at a given moment
  • the speaker may:
    • conduct a presentation,
    • upload and use uploaded pdf, powerpoint, doc files
    • add comments, underline or draw after uploaded presentations
    • use a whiteboard
    • enable / disable whiteboard in multiplayer editing
    • conduct simple polls
    • share your own desktop or a single application window
    • share the movie on Youtube / Vimeo or CanvasStudio
  • available option of the so-called Break-out Rooms
  • participants can use public and private chat and can mark their statuses, e.g. raise a hand or express other basic emotions.
  • no need to install any additional software – all you need is an up-to-date chrome browser, firefox, etc.
  • high security:
    • servers in Poland / Warsaw – We currently have our two data centers: in LIM center Mariott and S3 Annopol .
    • software based on the highest class security standards. Encrypted communication, No data tracking / correlation – users can be completely anonymous, constant updating of the environment and the servers themselves
    • continuous 24/7/365 monitoring of servers and their parameters
  • because we have our own data centers and our own network infrastructure, we also provide solutions on special customer request high availability, the so-called HA

Here are two simple videos in English showing the solution: